Q. How do I know my pet is the Pet-Gem I receive?
A. To answer this question we partially have to ask that you trust our process. Our interest is providing you with a remembrance of your loved one. Quality control is our number one priority. If we could not guarantee that your Pet-Gem wasn't created from your pets remains then our company would not exist. To ensure that you receive your pets gemstone we label every single item we touch related to your order with a processing number. Each order is processed independently and replaced in the labeled packages while waiting on different stages (cutting, setting, etc). This ensures no cremains are co-mingled, no gems are mixed up, etc.

Q. How much of my pets ashes do you need?
A. We only require 1-2 tablespoons of your pets remains. If we do not use all of the ashes we will return the remainder to you.

Q. What is a "Pet Gem™"?
A. A Pet-Gem™ is a natural Zircon that has been processed using your pets remains in our specialized equipment. Your pets ashes help influence the color of the final rough gemstone. The raw stone is then hand faceted by our staff to create a beautiful, natural gemstone.

Q. Isn't a Zircon and CZ/Cubic Zirconia the same thing?
A. No, Zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone found in nature. It is one of the oldest minerals known. CZ is a completely different material that is man-made. The confusion between Zircon and CZ has confused consumers and jewelers alike for a long time (and still does occasionally).

Q. Are you creating a gemstone?
A. No, we are enhancing a natural zircon (NOT Cubic Zirconia) through our specialized process using your pets remains.

Q. Can I pick the color of stone I want?
A. No, the color is determined by the atmosphere during the process and the chemical composition of your pets remains.

Q. How big are the finished gems?
A. Most finish around 5mm (about 1/4") and weigh about 1 carat. If you would like something bigger than 7mm please contact us to make sure we can fulfill your request.

Q. Why are 'fancy' shapes more expensive?
A. Fancy shapes (triangles, squares, pears, etc) require larger pieces of rough zircon crystals to create an average size (5mm-6mm) stone. The waste is caused by the cutting process to shape the stone correctly. For example, a 11mm piece of rough is required to cut a 6.5mm triangle shape correctly.

Q. Why do you use zircons?
A. Zircons are probably the only gemstone that is very close to a diamonds characteristics and performance. A properly cut natural zircon rivals the beauty of a natural diamond at a fraction of the cost.

Q. How long does a Pet-Gem™ take?
A. We strive to work as quickly as possible, but because we're a small company the delivery times differ. Contact us at the time of your order to get a rough estimate.

Q. Will you set my finished gemstone?
A. Yes, we will set it in a setting of your choice. Setting choices will be under the Products section.

Q. What are some of the unusual cuts you can do?
A. We can do ovals, squares, rounds, marquise, checkerboard, and many others. If you specify the shape and crown (checkerboard, or standard) we can come up with a unique cut that will surely please you. Please see our 'Cut Info' section for patterns and more information.

Q. Is the color change permanent?
A. Yes, the final color of your Pet Gem is permanent. Although we cannot dictate what that color will be.

Q. Can you do more than one stone?
A. Yes, we can make as many gemstones as you wish providing we have enough cremated remains to work with (this amount is based on how many stones you would like).

Q. Are all the gemstone shapes the same price?
A. No, fancy cuts are a bit more expensive because they are harder and take longer. The advertised prices are for a round cut Pet Gems.

Q. Do you have a place where I can post about my pet-friend who passed away?
A. Yes! We encourage you to post a memorial, or anything else you would like in our pet memorial site . All posts are moderated so it is safe and secure.

Q. Is my Pet Gem valuable?
A. Yes, it is valuable on two levels. The first is the sentimental value to you knowing that your beloved pet is part of the essence of your gem. The second is the natural value of a blue zircon gemstone in today's jewelry market. Well cut blue zircons are valuable to jewelers and gem collectors alike.

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