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We can accommodate almost any style cut that you desire. Our speciality is non-commercial cuts, which makes your gemstone that much more unique. Unfortunately, photographing finished gem stones is extremely difficult, but rest assured that your finished Pet-Gem™ will dazzle and delight you.

A few different shapes are presented at the left including a 12 sided, princess cut, custom trillion, and a modified round briliant. We can cut just about any shape, with any configuration of facets including brilliant bottom, step crown, or step pavillion and brilliant crown. We can create unique shapes like a marquise, pear, kite, octagon, etc. If you tell us your interest or type of stone you like the most we can present you with a few different designs to choose from. If you do not have a shape in mind we can cut one from any of the most common shapes our customers enjoy.

All of our gems are either eye clean, or nearly eye clean (in diamond terminology SI-VS quality).We also maximize the cutting angles for the material we are faceting, in this case natural Zircon. This prevents any light leakage (dark areas) that could occur and ensures maximum light return for the most brilliant stone possible.

Our gemstones are all polished using 60K diamond bort (most commercial entities use 14K) which produces an extra fine polish. A scratch-free, high lustre polish does a much better job of accepting light that will enter the crown of the gem. A dull polish will scatter the light that hits the crown in random directions as opposed to directing it either in or off the gem.

After your Pet-Gem™ has been cut
and polished it will be a work of art!

Sample Cut Patterns

12 Sided Round
16 Sided Diamond Cut
Brilliant Trillion Style
Long Pendeloque
Modified Princess Style
Custom Triangle Cut
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